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Trucs et Astuces Pure : Laver ses panneaux de mélamine en 3 étapes

Tips & Tricks: How to clean your melamine cabinets

Posted on 19/10/2021

Cupboards and cabinets are a place where a lot of dirty little fingers tend to meet over the week.It’s THAT spot you really can’t explain how or why it’s ALWAYS...
Trucs et Astuces : SOS mauvaises odeurs

Tips & Tricks: S.O.S. SWEAT

Posted on 30/06/2021

Just like everybody else, once you go hard at the gym or field, your sport clothes will take that special smell of ‘’effort’’.Not so fun to smell like a old...
Trucs et Astuces : Au revoir calcaire dans la douche

Tips & Trics : bye bye limescale!

Posted on 20/06/2021

"I want my shower glass doors to be CLEAN AND SHINY. If I had wanted frosted glass doors, I would have bought them like that in the first place!” –...
Trucs et Astuces : La meilleure routine de lavage écolo

Tips & Tricks: Laundry Energy-Saving

Posted on 07/06/2021

Who doesn't like to fall asleep on sheets infused with a fresh outdoor smell?Clotheslines not only give a wonderful smell, but it saves energy too! Give your dryer a vacation...
Trucs et Astuces : Joints de céramique impeccables

Tips & Tricks: Spotless Grout

Posted on 01/06/2021

[Note that this tip is from Obi, a home organization partner.]Most of you are familiar with our Scouring Cream and how effective it is on showers' grout. But did you know that...
Trucs et Astuces : Le détergent à lessive Pure est très efficace sur les taches!

Pure Laundry detergent: very effective on stains!

Posted on 31/05/2021

Did you know that Pure Laundry Detergent is also very effective on stains? If you don't have Stain Remover on hand at home, simply pour a small amount of Laundry Detergent on...
Trucs et Astuces : Nettoyer rapidement le plancher avec un produit ultraconcentré

Tips & Tricks: How to quickly clean the floor

Posted on 17/09/2020

''One dog is good, but two are even dirtier!'' -@ge.desjardins Living with 2 dogs at home is not a relaxing experience! Olive and Arthur are like children: we always have...
Trucs et astuces : Bombes de bain

Tips & Tricks: bath bombs

Posted on 07/08/2020

"There’s nothing more relaxing than a good bath, especially when you are (very) pregnant!"-@mhtardioMarie-Hélène loves bath time, but even more since she got pregnant. And she’s enjoying it while she...