The products contain Sodium Laureth Sulfate, I read that this ingredient is dangerous!

Several information has circulated on the internet that SLES is carcinogenic or irritating. After thoroughly analyzing this ingredient with our research and development department and an external consulting firm in green chemistry, we have come to the conclusion that SLES is an excellent ingredient for our products because:

  • It is from vegetable sources and comes from the coconut;
  • Our SLES contains no formaldehyde;
  • Our SLES supplier uses the ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 14001 manufacturing practices and manufactures the product in the United States;
  • The product contains no carcinogens, ie no 1,4 dioxane or no ethylene oxide. We receive a certificate of conformity from our supplier proving it to every batch entering our factory;

Our supplier uses the most advanced method of vacuum stripping in the manufacturing process, eliminating all traces of carcinogen, making our SLES the purest on the market;

The product is an excellent cleansing agent that is gentle on the skin and non-irritating.

You can also consult the  attestation of an independent laboratory.

I brought my container to one of your bulk outlets and they refused to fill it. They obliged me to buy a container identified Pure. Why is there this policy?

First of all, congratulations on doing your part for the planet by reusing your containers. You are making an extra effort and we are aware of it. We do not require our retailers to fill our products with our containers only. However, we highly recommend them for several reasons:

  • According to Health Canada, a household product label must include the product name, the supplier's name, the format, the directions for use and appropriate warning. By filling our products in any container, the retailer of our products does not comply with the law.
  • All our containers are transparent to facilitate filling in the stores. It's much easier to fill a bottle when you see the level increase. Retailers who offer bulk also do extra work, so it's much easier for them to do it with our containers.
  • All our packaging is of superior quality. We pay more for our bottles, labels and caps because we want you to reuse them for as long as possible.

What types of aromas do you use in your products?

We use aromas that are GOOD FOR YOUR SENSE OF SMELL AND GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH. We are aware that when you clean, you want a scent of freshness to aromatize your interior so that everyone knows how hard you have worked to keep the house clean.

We have partnered with the oNature® team, which specializes in the development and marketing of home fragrances free of harmful chemicals, which reflects nature while preserving your health.

All our aromas contain essential oils. They are free from harmful chemicals such as: phthalates, formaldehyde, toluene, benzene or methylene chloride, alcohol, no carcinogens or hormonal disruptors. Click here to know the essential oils in your favorite aroma: https://www.onature.ca/ingredients-1/

Recently, we also offer some 100% natural flavors designed only with essential oils. This is among other things the case for the aroma horsetail of the fields and mandarin.

Do your "Fragrance Free" products contain fragrances?

No. All our fragrance-free products contain no perfume or masking fragrance. The faint odor of our fragrance-free products that you can smell is the smell of the ingredients that make them up.

Why do you use dyes in some of your products?

We use dyes only for the sole purpose of making our products more attractive to the consumer. Our dyes are food grades, fully biodegradable and non-toxic. They are used in infinitesimal amount (level-share-per-million) in a product.

There are several ingredients on your labels, why?

Because we post them all on our labels even though Canadian law does not require us to do so. Just like our containers, we are transparent and we are proud of it.

At Pure®, we list all our ingredients because we believe you have the right to know what you are using. We also do it because we are proud of the effectiveness of our products and the ingredients that we use to create them. Learn more about our ingredients.

Do your products pose a danger of contamination of carcinogens?

No. We have asked an independent and reputable laboratory in the field of household cleaning products and you can view our attestation on our website under the tab "Our mission". 

Is the packaging of your dishwasher tablets recyclable? Why don’t you offer water soluble pellets?

The packaging of the pellets is fully recyclable. This packaging is also necessary for the effectiveness of the product.

Many pellets on the market have water soluble packaging. On the other hand, a large majority of these packs cause problems because of the moisture that is found in the pellets storage area (often under the sink) this causes the pellets to become glued against each other. As we favor bulk purchasing and sell lots of pellets in bulk sizes, it would be even more likely to develop moisture issues during product distribution. This led to our choice to select this type of individually wrapped tablets. This ensures maximum efficiency with each wash.

Our pellets have a weight of about 20 grams each (vs the pellets of major brands that are around 15g). This makes it possible not to use a rinsing agent (because the pellet already contains this agent) which greatly improves the washing power for all sorts of conditions. For example; very dirty dishes, hard water, older dishwashers, etc.

We are currently actively working to find a water-soluble alternative, that could be moisture resistant.

Do your products contain dairy products, soy, gluten, peanut, etc.?

The products are not manufactured with ingredients that contain these products or immediate derivatives.

However, we do not have certification from our suppliers and the plant is not completely free of allergenic food. Employees may eat peanuts or other allergenic foods at their break or lunch time in the employee room

Are your products tested on animals? Are they vegan?

We have never tested our products on animals. We also make sure that all our suppliers do not test on animals either. We also require them to confirm it with every order we place.

Finally, we do not use any animal source products in our products.

We can therefore say that our products are vegan and not tested on animals.

Are Pure products good for septic tanks?

Yes. Our products contain no chlorine and no phosphate, making them ideal products to use with a septic tank.

Do your products contain mica?

No. Mica is a pigment that adds a "shiny" effect on the skin. Which we do not need or use in our products.

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