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Trucs et Astuces Pure : Laver ses panneaux de mélamine en 3 étapes

Tips & Tricks: How to clean your melamine cabinets

Posted on 19/10/2021

Cupboards and cabinets are a place where a lot of dirty little fingers tend to meet over the week.It’s THAT spot you really can’t explain how or why it’s ALWAYS...
Trucs et Astuces : Comment détartrer ta machine à café

Descaling your coffee machine

Posted on 08/10/2021

We know for a fact coffee fanatics don’t use their machine once a year…more like once a day…That’s why we wanted to share with you guys our best tip to...
Trucs et Astuces : Joints de céramique impeccables

Tips & Tricks: Spotless Grout

Posted on 01/06/2021

[Note that this tip is from Obi, a home organization partner.]Most of you are familiar with our Scouring Cream and how effective it is on showers' grout. But did you know that...
Trucs et Astuces : Le rinçage, la réutilisation et le recyclage des pots collants

Rince, reuse and recycling sticky containers.

Posted on 31/05/2021

The peanut butter jar is finally empty. You wish you could just throw it into the recycling bin, but you have that lingering guilt stalling you.Worry no more: Pure's products...
Trucs et Astuces : Bien nettoyer la poubelle et le bac de composte rapidement

Clean the trash can quickly

Posted on 31/05/2021

Your trash can smells funny? Maybe it's a sign that it's time to clean it out!We don't know anyone who is passionate about trash can cleaning, but we know exactly...
Trucs et Astuces : Nettoyer rapidement le plancher avec un produit ultraconcentré

Tips & Tricks: How to quickly clean the floor

Posted on 17/09/2020

''One dog is good, but two are even dirtier!'' -@ge.desjardins Living with 2 dogs at home is not a relaxing experience! Olive and Arthur are like children: we always have...
Trucs & Astuces : garder ses chaussures blanches

Tips & Tricks : keep your shoes white

Posted on 15/06/2020

  "Under no circumstances will I get a style ticket with my white shoes on!” - @jenyferhodgson Jenyfer has always had a passion for white shoes (and keeping them intact!)....
Trucs & Astuces : Éloigner les insectes avec le composte

Keep insects away with compost

Posted on 13/07/2017

Composting your coffee is an ecological gesture. Reuse it to ward off insects? Yes! Just sprinkle leftovers of coffee brewed into your flowers, they move away slugs and snails. Enjoying...
Trucs & Astuces : Le composte


Posted on 22/08/2016

Composting is also a good way to make a difference for the environment. It's a good habit that creates a stakes on nature by reducing waste. In addition, compost is...