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Neutralisateur d'odeur écoresponsable pour tapis

Sustainable arm & hammer duper

Posted on 18/02/2023

This is one of our best tricks for neutralizing odors on a carpet, also called arm & hammer dupe. Mix baking soda with your favorite oNature fragrance extract. We used...
Nettoyer sa planche à découper zéro gaspi

How to clean your cutting board

Posted on 18/02/2023

You're looking for every way to degrease your cutting board! We were also looking for something effective so here our best tip!Next time you make yourself a cocktail (or a...
Est-ce qu'on peut aromatiser l'eau de notre défroisseur?

Can we add linen water in our steamer?

Posted on 18/02/2023

The answer is YES. 😍 The recipe is very simple:1/4 oNature linen water1L waterYou're welcome!
La meilleure technique pour recycler son 10L Pure à 100%

The best technique to 100% recycle your Pure 10L

Posted on 18/02/2023

We know that waste are overflowing! Pure bulk at home is a solution to reduce waste (and transport) so you can reuse your bottles at home and at the office. ...
La meilleure routine pour détacher les vêtements de bébé

The best stripping routine for baby cltothes

Posted on 05/02/2023

When you become a mom, you no longer have the same relationship with your laundry room. You want safe ingredients, what's best for your family, but above all, you want...
Comment bien laver ses fruits

How to wash fruit properly

Posted on 16/10/2022

We were already encouraged to wash our fruits and vegetables before the pandemic hit. Now, this matter cannot be overlooked.And it does not have to be time-consuming.You can fill your...
Réutiliser l'eau d'un bain PURE, oui ou non?

Reuse water from a PURE bath, yes or no?

Posted on 16/09/2022

PURE bath fan, did you know that you can water your plants with your water after use? Our ingredients are carefully chosen by our laboratory, they are safe for our...
Comment se débarrasser des mauvaises herbes naturellement

How to get rid of weeds naturally

Posted on 16/08/2022

Did you know that household vinegar is the best natural weedkiller? 🙀 Safe for the planet, humans and animals, simply spray directly on unwanted foliage and leave to act in...
Quel savon PURE pour ta voiture?

Which PURE soap for your car?

Posted on 20/07/2022

The Multipurpose has a neutral pH, so it's perfect for washing your car! It only takes 5 ml in 2 L of water, which makes it a VERY economical product....
Laver efficacement les manteaux des enfants

Sustainable wash children's coats

Posted on 08/06/2022

Watching the children jump in the mud, what a joy! Making their clothes look like new, what a satisfaction! 1. Scrub all the stain on all clothes with our Stain...
Laver ses panneaux de mélamine en 3 étapes

How to clean your melamine cabinets

Posted on 19/10/2021

Cupboards and cabinets are a place where a lot of dirty little fingers tend to meet over the week.It’s THAT spot you really can’t explain how or why it’s ALWAYS...
Comment détartrer ta machine à café

Descaling your coffee machine

Posted on 08/10/2021

We know for a fact coffee fanatics don’t use their machine once a year…more like once a day…That’s why we wanted to share with you guys our best tip to...
SOS mauvaises odeurs


Posted on 30/06/2021

Just like everybody else, once you go hard at the gym or field, your sport clothes will take that special smell of ‘’effort’’.Not so fun to smell like a old...
Garder une piscine propre tout au long de l'été

Keep a clean pool all summer long

Posted on 29/06/2021

Our Kitchen + Bathroom is the perfect tool to keep your pool accessories clean all summer long. The product's degreasing agent also allows you to clean the pool outline, which can...
La shampouineuse avec tes produits Pure

Portable Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner

Posted on 27/06/2021

What's a portable carpet & upholstery cleaner? This device washes the fabrics of sofas and rugs. The darker the water is, the more satisfaction this machine creates.  We have few...
Entretien du kayak et du paddle board

Tips & Tricks : Kayak and paddle board maintenance

Posted on 22/06/2021

If you're a kayaking fan, you know how necessary it is to clean it from time to time. The Multi-Purpose cleaner will get it super clean while preserving lakes and...
Au revoir calcaire dans la douche

Bye bye limescale!

Posted on 20/06/2021

"I want my shower glass doors to be CLEAN AND SHINY. If I had wanted frosted glass doors, I would have bought them like that in the first place!” Vanessa...
Comment bien laver sa casquette

Hat Washing 101

Posted on 08/06/2021

    The best trick for that is your new best friend:  BORAX. 1.Pour about 4L of water in a plastic bin. 2.Add 60ml of BORAX powder.3.Throw your dirty hats...

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