Plastic Free July: A Brilliant Perspective

Posted on 13/07/2021

Plastic Free July: une perspective bienveillante


Maybe there`s a way not to go crazy about our plastic usage. Pure recommends to slack on culpability and reconsider your daily habits with kindness, thanks to Plastic Free July, a plastic free month-long challenge.

My Real-Life vs My Ecological EngagementWe know, plastic is everywhere nowadays. Look around, you’ll see it in all forms.
There’s a reason for that: plastic is so useful to everyday life. Lunch plates, contact lenses, dental floss, stretchy clothes (a weekend without leggings? Oh, hell no!). How can I replace it without compromising my quality of lifestyle?

A life without plastic can seem like an impossible thing to achieve without serious compromise. You can tell journalist Evelyne Charuest who did the Ciao Plastique challenge and seemed to have a hard time! Then again, we are very conscious of the plague that is micro plastics to our environment’s health. (Did you know you’re probably eating the equivalent in plastic of a debit card every week? It’s in this blog post


One plastic at a time, thanks. 

The Plastic Free July movement invites us to take a different look at the problematic at hand. It’s no easy task to eliminate all plastics from our lives. Sometimes, plastic is even a more durable alternative to other materials. What if we started by simply eliminating the most vicious of them: single use plastics?
Overconsumption of plastics is a problem sort of above our range of power. A systemic issue much larger than us simple consumers. But there is one simple thing that can be done, at our scale, complete refusal of plastics that go straight to the trash after one use.

Just Give it a Try

You can participate in the challenge monthly or daily. You can do it at home with the family, with your class or work mates. In fact, Plastic Free July is an invitation to give it a try. Perfectly in sync with Pure Bulk Month: we’re inviting you to try, one gesture at a time, to integrate new habits to your lifestyle that will fit with your eco-sensible values.

In the end, don’t you think a million unperfect individuals giving their best try at zero waste lifestyle is better than the one guy doing it perfectly? Don’t know about you, but we place ourselves in this category of unperfect individuals (trying to do their part!)

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