Compostable accessories, bin or compost?

Posted on 18/02/2023

Des accessoires compostables, poubelle ou composte?

There are two places in the house where we consume a lot, the laundry room and the kitchen.

This is why we are proud to introduce compostable kitchen accessories into our beautiful variety of products. This good practice will prevent plastic accessories from ending with waste. And if you didn't know, it takes a minimum of 400 years for a sponge to degrade if it actually makes it to the sorting centre.

Even if we are aware of the good practice of these accessories versus plastic sponges, it is not clear where to put the object at the end of its life. Trash, or compost? 

We've been looking for the right answer to send to our community for several weeks because it's part of our kindness. The information to remember is: both. In the compost if accepted by the local company, and in the trash if refused by the local company. A composting platform can accept or refuse this item be put in the brown bin depending on the composting process used. A large company that uses an industrial process should have no problem with bamboo items mixed in with the rest of the organic materials. But a smaller company, with a more “artisanal” or natural process, might only accept organic material as table scraps.

As the Ministry of the Environment, the Fight against Climate Change, Wildlife and Parks does not yet keep an exhaustive register on what is accepted in the compost in each of the cities, we have launched an appeal to Recyq-Québec so that bamboo accessories are added to the "ça va où" application to help others to be more responsible for their consumption/waste. Here is their answer " the additions of products in our database must be explicitly requested from various municipalities according to the rules which apply on their territory. However, we continue to develop our portals in order to facilitate these additions and we will revise the process afterwards.”

In discussing with the city of Rivière-du-Loup, the ecocentre option is also to be favored since bamboo is wood. Thank you to the office of Amélie Dionne debuty in Rivière-du-Loup-Témiscouta as well as Myriam from Tricentris for helping us in our investigation. 😉

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