Made in Canada

Posted on 23/06/2021

S'afficher bleu!

 There’s something about this land, something that’s richer than fertilizer.

Something pure, shining, a light that comes through the exercise of one’s true self.

We are creators, entrepreneurs, conveners.

Let us show our true colors.
Let us be proud, daily, of what is born out of our land.
Let us invest on our home.

Here at Pure, we made a conscious choice to offer our products in local shops.
Because we know our province’s soul resides in the diversity of our life environment.
From Halifax to Toronto, from Whitehorse to Vancouver, from Winnipeg to Montreal.
The beauty of our land is hidden in the unity of its communities.

We often say, to buy is to vote.
Buying is a way of choosing yourself.
Choosing to water the flowers of our Canadian economy, so it keeps on blossoming.

Choosing to put bread on your baker’s table, with the finest Canadian cheeses and locally brewed beers.
Choosing the convenient and sustainable route of local economy.

Here at Pure, we don’t exclusively carry the mission of producing cleaning supplies.
We carry the desire of building tomorrow’s country by investing in our roots, by making every decision necessary to protect our precious St-Lawrence River.
We are constantly questioning ourselves, we strive to do better, day after day.
Because we are proud of where we hail from.

Happy Canada Day to you dear country!

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