New look, same experience!

Posted on 10/04/2020

Nouveau "look" pour Pure

Speakers : Vanessa Beaulieu graphic designer, Isabelle Ouellet graphic designer , Anthony Poitras general managerl et Gabriel St-Pierre chemist.

In an effort to always offer the best products, we are pleased to announce that our scientific team has reformulated our Pure body products by adding the best innovations in the industry, while maintaining the same aromas and experience our customers have been loving since our very beginning.

The transformation process, which lasted several months, involved our chemist, our laboratory technicians, an external green chemistry laboratory, our bulk store partners and several consumers. The expertise and involvement of the #jesuispure community is very dear to us and we thank all those who contributed to this great advancement.

A few years ago, the Pure line was known for the colour of its soaps. Beautiful shelves filled with happiness and rainbows. Today, we stand out for the gentleness and effectiveness of our products, but especially because they are offered in bulk locally.


We have taken this opportunity to offer you a new image. Under the magical eye of our creative team, the Pure team has designed new dresses for its bottles, keeping the authenticity of the brand at the forefront. As our Pure community loves our colors, we carefully selected the ones that would make up our new rainbow. The labels become even more resistant to be reused in bulk for as long as possible. And finally, we improved the visuals to enhance the basis of our brand identity: 

  • Bulk
  • Our planet
  • Family
  • Local purchase


Also, our deadline for this re-branding project was actually the inventory of our remaining old labels. So, no labels were wasted, and the few remaining ones will be used for ecological financing campaigns.


We now offer a 100% essential oil aroma: Tangerine! This new all-natural aroma will replace that of Mango. Your nose will be charmed by the fresh breeze of Tangerine (if you like the aroma of citrus fruits of course). 

 You will be able to purchase our new body line, in bottle + in bulk online and in a store soon near you.


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