Tribute to our grandmothers... who went green long before us!

Posted on 05/03/2020

Hommage à nos grand-mères… qui étaient écolos bien avant nous!

Our grandmothers: these experienced women who raised 4, 5, 6, 7 children. These queens of the kitchen. These housewives who spent their lives feeding several mouths, several times a day. Keeping the house always clean and making sure that no one was ever short of anything.

Our grandmothers are all different in their own way, but we certainly all have a little something to learn from them - even when it comes to eco-friendly living! Because yes, our grandmothers were ecological long before we were born! 

Even though it was probably for economic reasons, the actions were there anyway. Who said ecological and economic don't go hand in hand?

So here are a few little things that our grandmothers did (and still do!) that we should learn from (and pass on to our grandchildren). 



Tribute to Gisèle, a grandmother who deserves to be applauded:

  • They reuse EVERYTHING. For them, everything can be reused. A store-bought plastic bowl, gift wrap, a grocery bag, a Mason jar... Nothing deserves to go to the garbage or recycling before it's totally worn out.
  • They eat local year-round. Yes, they do! Even living in Quebec, our grandmothers manage to eat local vegetables all year round! Their trick? They grow their own garden and, when the cold season approaches, they can their crops - and it lasts until the next summer!
  • They give objects a second life.For our grandmothers, clothes can be (almost!) eternal. An old T-shirt becomes a rag. An old bedcover turns into oven mitts and table mats. Pants with holes in them become grocery bags. They even use old clothes that they cut into strips, stretch to the max and join together to knit slippers or carpets! Nothing is lost, everything is transformed.
  • They make their own household products.A little baking soda here, a little vinegar there, and that's it! They don't need any more to clean the house. And if they do, they use Pure products that they buy in bulk at their local grocery store!

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