Tips & Tricks : keep your shoes white

Posted on 15/06/2020

Garder ses chaussures blanches


"Under no circumstances will I get a style ticket with my white shoes on!”

- @jenyferhodgson

Jenyfer has always had a passion for white shoes (and keeping them intact!). Of course, that's a challenge in itself, but this is not a big deal for our Director of Communications.

She uses Osmose bleaching agent and our popular Stain remover. She soaks her shoes and laces in a tub of hot water with bleaching agent for at least 24 hours. As for her boyfriend's white soles and white leather shoes, she sprays the stain remover directly on the shoe and scrubs with an old toothbrush. And for a little extra, she then dries her shoes outside in the sun, which is an excellent natural whitening agent.


  • Osmose bleaching agent
  • Pure Stain remover
  • 1 large bowl or tub filled with hot water (depending on the amount to be soaked)
  • 1 old toothbrush

    Preparation :
  • Prepare a bowl of hot water (or fill your washer tub) according to the number of pairs of shoes to soak
  • Add Osmose bleaching agent (follow directions of use depending on the amount of water used)
  • Soak your shoes and laces for at least 24 hours
  • For leather shoes or rubber soles, spray directly with Stain remover
  • Scrub and wipe as you go
  • Dry in the sun
  • Flash your clean shoes at everyone!


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