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Posted on 05/06/2023

Vous êtes à un cheveu de faire la différence


After more than 1 year of work, the team is proud to present an innovative and sustainable hair care line for healthy, shiny hair without compromise, made from naturally sourced active ingredients.


OUR NATURALLY SOURCED ACTIVE INGREDIENTS, carefully selected by our laboratory

No ingredients harmful to health and the environment have beenused in the development of our products. We stick to our commitment : biodegradable, vegan & not tested on animals, made from safe ingredients, soft for babies and mostly, available locally in refill.

During our research, the ingredients were always at the heart of our discussions and we made the choice not to turn to the easy options of adding silicones or even phosphates. We are very happy to tell you about our 2 star ingredients: quinoa and baobab.

 The quinoa in our formulas is locally sourced. It boosts shine for healthier looking hair and repairs damaged hair. This natural ingredient gives volume to the hair, it is found in the color protection duo and the 3 in 1 shampoo.

Do you know the baobab? Calling all fans of the Disney movie The Lion King, it's Rafiki's big tree. This ingredient strengthens the hair for better resistance and provides anti-frizz. It is found in our duo for all hair types as well as the moisturizing duo.


Did you know?

Silicone leaves a thin layer on the hair that adds shine BUT it also suffocates the scalp and weighs down the hairfiber. As a result, hair is greasier and becomes more fragile over time. In addition, silicone is not biodegradable. It is estimated today that it takes between 400 and 500 years for it to decompose. So why use it?


100% natural aroma

In addition to being natural, our fragrance ingredients also improve our hair care products.

Marshmallow flower: floral and fresh aroma that gives natural shine or gives the impression of hair in the wind.

Pear and cherry: fruity aroma that increases vitality and shine or makes you want to dance.

Cucumber and Cantaloupe: Fresh and fruity aroma that fortifies + nourishes or feels like a powerful repairer.

Green tea and pine: woody aroma that gives an enveloping protection or that gives the impression of a bath in the forest of Bas-St-Laurent.



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