21 days, in my everyday life

Posted on 26/04/2019

Les 21 jours, dans ma vie de tous les jours

I have started being vegetarian and interested in green and natural alternatives in 2014. It really triggered my "green process." Today, in 2019, I'm a lot more vegan than veggie, I make my own household products, I refuse many things, for years I do not put makeup, I opt as much as possible for local and natural. I always take versatile ingredients too, which can be used for both body and hair for example. Or as vinegar, which can serve as a cleaning product in the kitchen but also as a softener in the washer. It's so economical! I wonder a lot about my choices and the impact of each.  

I think it's really the basis for starting a "change." Ask yourself. Search. Interest. Because we spend more than half the time in our apartment or our house. Why water it with chemicals products? We sleep there, we eat there, we live there squarely. Same thing about what we apply to our body. Our skin absorbs everything, like a sponge. For me, it has been a long process. (Really nice anyway!) We have more and more alternatives and it's so exciting to see the zero waste movement grow more and more. A small change at a time, it is enough to find the "solutions" that suit you. Once you have found, your body, your mind and your wallet will say thank you!

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