Posted on 11/11/2021

Désencombrer avant le black friday


Decluttering, dusting, spraying…

A few good deeds to live by before Black Friday.

That day of the year where enticing promotions are flying left and right (with the Holidays around the corner too).

Can we blame ourselves for wanting to take advantage off all these sweet deals on all this sweet stuff ? Nah.

Just make sure you really need it (Shout out to Pierre-Yves McSween).

So before this Friday Nov. 26th, we suggest clearing the clutter. Grab your favorite Pure products then start sorting, cleaning, cleansing and deodorizing what’s already in those cabinets & drawers. 

  1. 1. Sort + Clean

    While emptying your cabinets, drawers and bathroom shelves…You take that opportunity to clean up with Pure Multisurface. (Holidays Edition eh)
    Oh and before putting everything back on the shelves…you keep what you actually STILL use…put aside everything else and offer it as a gift, sell it on Marketplace or bring it to the thrift shop.

    2. Cleansing

    A couple pieces of your wardrobe are still dear to your heart… but they’re looking a little tired…By lack of time, your best white shirt has turned into your worst brown shirt…
    Same thing for your caps, coats and shoes.

    The secret : a proper cleanse that also removes all stains.
    For that, you need our stripping powder and stain remover.

    (We’re taking clothes a whole lot here… but you can totally cleanse your drawers or cabinets too)

    3. Deodorizing

    Spraying a scent off happiness.
    With oNature products, you can add that comforting little breeze that makes you feel like you properly cleaned up.
    Pick your fragrance

    After doing all of that, you will have a better idea of what actually constitutes your family patrimony.
    A better overall instinct when it’s time to weight off actual needs versus temporary desires.

    Here’s a few quick tips to help you be a smarter consumer:
    - Read our tips and tricks column to give a new breath of fresh air to your old clothes (caps, shoes, backpack…etc.)
    - Wait a couple months before buying an object you really really want and try note how many times you would’ve used it.
    You’ll know when it’s worth it.
    - Ask yourself if it’s somethings you could borrow off somebody.
    - Think of shopping around on Marketplace, like a year-long Black Friday…for selling what you no longer need or buying what you can’t live without!

    Wishing you good savings and good fortune on your journey to becoming a smarter consumer.

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