Sustainable gifts for dads

Posted on 04/06/2023

Cadeaux écoresponsables et durables pour papa


Dads love to make local and sustainable discoveries. They will not necessarily be the first to make changes, but they are proud to tame new habits with their children or to integrate a new product received as a gift into their lives.

Here are our best suggestions for gift ideas for all budgets.
Available online, in store and in bulk! ♻️

NEW 3 in 1 Shampoo
Our new shampoo with a woody green tea and pine aroma is perfect for introducing your father to bulk. He won't be able to do without his soft hair and his new favorite aroma. You can complete with one of our body hand soaps, 4 aromas available.

20% Vinegar
Dads favorite tip and trick. Weed killer with an ecological product, our 20% vinegar. He will have the habit each spring of going to his local shop to refill his 4L with pride.

Father's day bundle

3 powerful household products for the house, the garage or even the cottage! You make sure your dad uses safe ingredients for his health.


Cake Vaisselle + Knob

He's going to fall over the concept! A solid dish soap with a unique lemon aroma. He will quickly adopt this product, because it foams A LOT. And since he's been composting for a while, he's going to love his new compostable bamboo brush.

📸 @kacianemonchamp 

Happy Father's day! 



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