Do you have a wellness routine?

Posted on 22/11/2020

Avez-vous une routine bien-être ?

According to the dictionary, a routine is: a mechanical habit, unthinking, and resulting from a succession of actions repeated over and over again.

There are many benefits to having a routine. Less stress, more efficiency. At work, in our consumption habits (hello bulk) ... but we sometimes forget to have one to take care of ourselves. Everyone faces their share of challenges, especially this year, and it's important to put our daily tornadoes on hold and put aside everything, EVERYTHING! Since the beginning of the pandemic, having a personal routine has become a priority for many of us, for our well-being, for our motivation but also for our mental health.

In addition, there are many solutions to take care of ourselves and the planet at the same time. Eco-friendly solutions such as our body care line (a good lavender Bubble bath to relax), but since a few months, we have also added to our routine the Nordora skincare products. A soft moment to our skin to wish ourselves a good day or a good night.

We are pleased to welcome Nordora products to our platform. This Canadian brand revalorizes elements of our nature that would otherwise be destined to be abandoned. Giving a second life, we LOVE it! They have quickly become our favorite products for the skincare routine. Eight years of research and development have led to the creation of Nordora products, which are made with bioactive ingredients from Quebec nature: they are specifically formulated to allow our skin to survive the four seasons. In addition to sharing values similar to Pure, these products regenerate the skin's protective barrier and are excellent anti-inflammatory for winter. Discover now the Nordora line on our website!

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