Laundry Energy-Saving

Posted on 07/06/2021

La meilleure routine de lavage écolo

Who doesn't like to fall asleep on sheets infused with a fresh outdoor smell?

Clotheslines not only give a wonderful smell, but it saves energy too! Give your dryer a vacation while using our ultra-concentrated detergent which costs only $0.14 per load if bought in bulk and used as recommended.

Here are some tips on how to save energy when doing laundry.

1. Wear your clothes several times before putting them in your laundry basket.

Some clothes can be worn repeatedly (except your underwear, of course). Jeans, jackets, bras, sweaters.
Give it a try!

And if you're addicted to laundry-fresh clothes, try our linen water. It will be like they just came out of the wash!

P.S.: A nod to moms who are unable to keep clothes clean for more than 2 minutes.

2. Cold-water wash

Washing in cold water is effective, much like our products (of course!)
It is better for your clothes and better for the environment.

Simply set your washer's water temperature to COLD.

3. How to hang clothes on the clothesline

Turn clothes inside out to prevent sun damage.
Sing while hanging your clothes - it makes the whole thing more enjoyable. Go about your business while they dry.

4. Spray linen water

If you feel like it, spray clean dry clothes with your favorite linen water and fold.

We have created a green laundry kit, including winter needs (you must use your dryer at times, right?)

No problem, you can thank us later. Happy washing! 

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