Reuse water from a PURE bath, yes or no?

Posted on 16/09/2022

RĂ©utiliser l'eau d'un bain PURE, oui ou non?

PURE bath fan, did you know that you can water your plants with your water after use? Our ingredients are carefully chosen by our laboratory, they are safe for our health, for our homes and for the environment. For several years, we have been trying to get rid of the guilt of loving to take good hot baths. And that's how the habit of watering our plants with our bath water came about. 🛁

We only tested with our bubble baths. And sometimes there were Selv products. No plants were harmed during this experiment. It is recommended that the water be cold before watering your plants. 💩

PURE more than soap

A shower uses 5 times less water than a bath, but if the shower lasts more than 8 minutes, those who like to soak have nothing to reproach themselves for when it comes to the eco-responsible choice. 😎

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