Using ecological products for the benefit of fauna

Posted on 25/08/2021

Utiliser des produits écologiques pour la santé de nos animaux

Pure designs ecological cleaning products safe for your family…the WHOLE family. We don’t take this mission lightly, it was thus a given to also make it safe for the cutest, not always smartest (we mean that with love) but always fluffiest members of the family: our animals.

Dangerous Product

We wish long and healthy lives to our planet, relatives, and pets. Sometimes cleaning products can contain irritating agents to our pets, without us realizing it. (Then again, we don’t lick doors and floors as often so maybe that makes sense…) Some products containing bleach, ammonia, or other toxic components (such as glycol ethers, just the name is scary right?) can remain on surfaces or dispense in the ambient air and seriously affect your pet’s health.

Clean, but at what price ?

I don’t want to lose time on potential incidents here…but let’s just say we are talking about potential lungs irritation for your pets, but also potential kidney injuries or leukemia. Sometimes we want to do the right thing by keeping the house clean, but clean doesn’t mean healthy. At Pure, we aim to do both. That’s why we only offer the cream of the crop of our nontoxic ecological household products. ALL made with natural ingredients. ALL toxin less. This is our vocation, so we do it ALL the way through.

Sanitize your house’s surfaces and air

By cleaning with Pure products, you ensure your air is just as healthy for you and your pets as the surfaces on which you eat. Our Multipurpose Cleaner (perfect for windows for instance), or the Kitchen + Bathroom (does the trick all over the house, don’t get fooled by the name) are your weapons of choice to fight dirt and climate change at the same time.

They don’t contain any toxic products or ammonia which can affect animal’s lungs and skins. They are as gentle and safe as they are powerful against stains and residue.

Fresh textiles

Pets roll around everywhere (or is it just mine?). On your blanket, couch, car seat, bed…whether they are allowed or not on the surface their hair will find a way there. And so will irritants ! Our laundry detergent is designed for sensitive skins thanks to delicate ingredients and essential oil-based aromas. Our hypoallergenic formulas will minimise the risks of allergies and irritation for humans & pets alike (opt for the perfumeless formula if extra-sensitive). Clean their beds, blankets and/or toys with it! Using a safe and delicate detergent will keep them safe from skin irritation. Additionally, regularly cleaning their bed will eliminate bacteria and smells from your home.

Between two loads, you can vaporize your pet’s favorite textiles and corners of the house with the Eliminate odour or oNature linen water. These products remove bad smells thanks to the natural micro-organisms it’s composed of, eliminating smells at the source, for a healthier/nontoxic household (and it just smells great!)

To take care

Pure has also designed products specially to care for your small (or huge) pets. Same vision applies here. All these products are non-toxic and made from natural ingredients, good for your health and the environment.

These little beasts do wonders…on our mental health, moods, lifestyles, and vibes. They bring so much good to our lives. Love is real (unlike some other forms of love…let’s just say it like that). It’s only right you treat them right. With Pure’s pet care products, you can tend to their needs with your mind at peace.

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