PURE more than soap, the documentary

Posted on 25/05/2022

PURE plus que du savon, le documentaire.

PURE as seen from our lense, by Agence Perso

Hey Pure community, let me introduce myself, Alex Ann Villeneuve, owner of Agence Perso. Pure, was my very first client. We are soon celebrating 1 year of collaboration. But Pure has been part of my life way before that. When I moved to the Bas-St-Laurent area, in 2013, I instantly adopted the Pure dish soap (mango fragrance which I still use today).

Considering myself a conscious consumer: whether by encouraging local businesses and making more eco-friendly choices, I found the perfect symbiosis of these values in Pure’s cleaning products.

Honestly, I can’t stand chemical products…they give me a headache (for real). When I moved in with my boyfriend, I forced him to say goodbye to bleach… Yeah, I’m kind of hardcore like that, I know.

All of this to say, Pure was a love at first sight story in my personal life. A love story still going on today. Accentuated by everything I learned on this brand since then: their choice to encourage proximity retailing, asking their consumers to buy in bulk (and doing it themselves)! A shared responsibility, not just: ‘’do it but we don’t really care’’.

That’s rare nowadays. For me, this gives great credibility to the process and the brand. It reinforced my attachment to this business, their products. Today I have the full lineup at home. I developed my little pro tips to never run out of cleaning products and I do my bulk refills once a month.

When Jenyfer from Marketing called me to say she needed me on their side. It was pretty evident to me I’d jump headfirst into this venture. One of the first thing I said to Jenyfer and Anthony was: ‘’we need to put the spotlight on everything you are doing to be eco-friendly. You guys are preaching by example, and that, gives a lot of power to your message.’’

The idea was to brand Anthony as an eco entrepreneur. He needed to take a stand and so did the team. That’s what marketing is after all, shedding light on the beauty of our creations. We cannot take part in such a global social movement and hide it from the world. Because by sharing, it becomes infectious, allowing us to rise together. When you dream big for yourself, you influence others to dream on their own.

Last January, we had a meeting. We put the idea of a behind the scenes back on the drawing board. David Falardeau from Genie Production joined the brainstorm. We wanted to do a mini documentary, for Earth Day at Pure. We wanted to do interviews but also include loads of moving shots to illustrate everything going on behind the curtain at Pure. Everybody added their grain of salt. They told us stories, which we captured to better revisit and archive them. We sealed in time and space the gestures they accomplished. We’ll be able to reminisce on that in 10 years and see their progression.

Fundamentally, that’s what mainly motivates the people working at Pure: participating in these changes. Building the word of tomorrow, one step at a time. No pressure, always moving a little bit forward. For us, our children. For our St-Lawrence River.

Pure, is a pretext carrying a much bigger message. Pure, it’s much more than soap.

Watch. Share. Change, with us.

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