I can finally breathe!

Posted on 17/04/2020

Je respire enfin!


That’s what our beautiful planet has been telling us for the past few weeks.

Experts agree: the global crisis of COVID-19 is indeed having more than positive effects on the environment. China and Italy are good examples&mdashand North America seems to be following a similar trend. Pollution has decreased significantly: fewer greenhouse gases, better air quality…

It almost looks like our dream of a greener planet is coming true! This is largely due to the decrease in industrial activities and the drop in traffic (road and especially air traffic), among other things.

There is a positive side to this confinement.

This whole “adventure” is proving to us that we’re able to make changes to improve our planet&mdashand quickly. In just a few weeks, Canadians have shown that they can (almost!) buy anything local. #madeincanada.

And this is really beautiful. 

What we hope is that these positive effects are not temporary. Let them last when this whole crisis is (finally!) behind us. May we keep our good habits of consuming locally, travelling when necessary, taking advantage of what our beautiful province has to offer! We are convinced that our planet (and its people too!) will feel much better.


Because even though April is Pure Earth Month, at Pure, it’s Earth Month all year round. We’ve made it our priority for many years now, and we try very hard to transmit this desire to as many people as possible. And anyway, it’s now so simple to do bulk a few steps away from home (find your nearest bulk station here)! Doing bulk locally means less transportation, less waste and of course, less plastic. But you already know that!

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